Working together with Severn Area Rescue Association

Certus is thankful to support its neighbours — the Severn Area Rescue Association. Covering the Severn Estuary and upper reaches of the River Severn, SARA is an independent, marine and land based, search and rescue organisation who carry out vital services on our shores. We believe in helping our communities to provide crucial services within our local area.

Supporting our friends at Chepstow Boxing Club

Developing and supporting young boxers to succeed, Certus is honoured to help Chepstow Boxing Club through training and competitions within our area. Discovering, inspiring the nurturing talent empowers children from an early age to become the very best they can and we are proud to help the club — through equipment purchases to fundraising events.

Making the right difference

The events over the past few years have brought change for many businesses across all sectors, including charities.

The way they function, and the way we as individuals live our lives has altered — at Certus we recognise where there is an opportunity for us to aid our local organisations. We want to foster a connection with our communities and enjoy working together outside of the confines of work life.

We feel that giving back to our community contributes to improving the lives of those we support and educates us all about the work they do and the positive impact they have in our local area.